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Someone is posting the first draft of the Jurassic Park script on Facebook!
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21-Jun-2016, 10:22 PM

Of course! In my mind, no one can OWN this script. None of us wrote it. I am purely posting it for educational purposes… to see how Crichton transcribed at least one draft of his book into film. There are many other drafts of his that he did (this one is somewhere in the middle), and while some of the ideas were presented by others, this draft is still all-him.

It is worth noting that not only will I be uploading the original PDF as you are seeing, but also a re-type of the entire thing I have recently completed that is (hopefully) pretty close to what you are seeing (sometimes a challenge with some of the blurred text), apart from formatting.

You can find more discussion here:

There also may be some VERY cool stuff coming… and actually ways we can all get MORE cool stuff with the help of people like you. But I only want to tease it like that for now, because I don’t want to say I have something yet when I don’t. But it’s a strong possibility. Stay tuned.