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Jaws: The Revenge | Theatrical Cut Reconstruction - HD (Released)
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21-Jun-2016, 8:20 PM

JawsTDS said:

So – I can render this thing out very soon, just need to finish the colour correction. Considering the Blu-ray was DNR’ed, would preserving the theatrical cut in 720p be acceptable? I could do 1080p, but that would make the missing frames stick out, as their resolution is only slightly about 720p.

I believe Harmy showed that DNR’ed Blus sometimes don’t have a big difference between 1080 and 720.

Thoughts – 720p vs 1080p?

So you’re re-encoding the majority of the movie? What’s the basis for this “color correction?”

I don’t think the resolution of the missing frames is a major issue, considering how short those shots are.