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Jaws: The Revenge | Theatrical Cut Reconstruction - HD (Released)
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20-Jun-2016, 10:42 AM

I’m really excited about your Off the Cutting Room Floor fanedit. I grew up with the TV Cut of Jaws the Revenge and the movie feels empty without the beginning narration and those extra character scenes.

And of course, the TV Cut has that establishing shot that Roger Ebert felt was needed to help the US theatrical ending make more sense : “That the director, Joseph Sargent, would film this final climactic scene so incompetently that there is not even an establishing shot, so we have to figure out what happened on the basis of empirical evidence.”


I can’t help but think if Ebert had seen this, he would have shaken his head in disbelief and agreed with the decision to cut it. Still - it’s so a part of the movie for me. I need to see that grotesque shark doing a slow-motion spin before impalement.