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Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition
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18-Jun-2016, 3:27 AM
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ST2112 said:

friedcamera, I would LOVE to see that “restored” cut of “Logan’s Run”, if it ever happens. There are TONS of material on my “X-Files” VHS’ that were never released, including reviews, FOX promos, box office results, local station interviews/promos, entertainment shows segments, etc. I taped everything that I could that aired in the weeks prior to and subsequent weeks after release for all of my main projects (ST, POTA, etc.) There are 4, I believe, full tapes of material and I may have made note cards detailing the contents. I’d have to look and check. If there are, I can scan them for you.

Generally speaking, for those special projects, I taped segments from the morning shows, any network specials, news shows, cable specials, local affiliates, cable media reports, Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood type shows, Siskel & Ebert and other review shows and segments from just about anything else that aired on television.

That’s an awesome collection! I would love to see that (when you have the time, of course!)
Regarding Logan’s Run… now that I have some more time I’ll probably start working on it. If you don’t have the audience recording I’d be happy to send it to you.