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Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition
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18-Jun-2016, 1:42 AM

ST2112 said:

friedcamera, I wish I had that “Logan’s Run” version! I fell in love (or something!), with Jenny Agutter when that came out and so looked forward to the TV series, only to be incredibly disappointed! I still have a bunch of articles, etc. on the TV show, too. At least they put that series out on DVD! Sorry I couldn’t help, but if you’re interested in the TV series, please let me know.

Hopefully a recording surfaces one day. All that’s left from that cut is the audience recording from an advanced screening and some photos. I’ve been meaning to do my own reconstruction but I’ve been busy with other projects.

I also have three or four VHS tapes of extras from the 1st “X-Files” movie and 2 tapes from the awful “Planet of the Apes” (2001) movie. Anyone interested in those?

Do the X-Files tapes have anything that wasn’t released on the blu-ray?