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Jaws: The Revenge | Theatrical Cut Reconstruction - HD (Released)
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16-Jun-2016, 4:18 PM
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16-Jun-2016, 4:19 PM
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JawsTDS said:

For those who know me, you’re probably aware of my OFF THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR fan edit of JAWS THE REVENGE, which aimed to reinstate the deleted scenes (in their correct order) present in the AMC cut of JAWS THE REVENGE. This is now finished, and ready for upload. But before I put it on the 'Spleen, I decided to try something else.

On June 14th, 2016, the Blu-ray for JAWS THE REVENGE was released in the United States. The release used the usual “exploding shark” revised ending, but featured the original theatrical ending (although missing a sequence) as a bonus feature, and in 1080p HD!

For those who don’t know the difference between the cuts of the film, check this handy guide out –

The problem is, the Blu-ray special feature is missing the theatrical version of “Jake’s demise” which features 3 alternate shots. I am in possession of said frames, but they come from a 720p Deutsch HDTV rip of the theatrical cut (which is incredibly rare to find in HD and OAR) with a channel logo burnt onto the video.

Here are the frames in question -

I have, however, been able to reconstruct the integral pieces (i.e. shark’s demise, pre-dubbed plane sequence, etc), which you can see here -

Other than the missing sequence, the project is virtually complete and in full 1080p. Does anyone perhaps have access to a rip that contains these frames? Now, I could just forget these frames and call it a day - but in the end, it’s not a TRUE theatrical reconstruction without those three shots!

The Bluray is Dnr’ed and from an old master. The German hdtv is supposedly the best one out there as it is from a newer master not shown anywhere else in tge world