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Idea & Info: 'Batman V Superman - Dawn of the Edits'
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14-Jun-2016, 12:10 AM

suspiciouscoffee said:

My point (wasn’t clear, my fault) was that the Death of Superman is the worst thing about the entire movie. It’s insulting to waste that iconic story on the last few minutes of Snyder’s Abriged The Dark Knight Returns: Footnote To Justice League. It’s half-assed and unearned.

Agreed. Batman V Superman is like TPM. I tried to convince myself I liked it until I realized I truly thought on the inside it was terrible.

I really wanted to enjoy Batman V Superman but all I found redeemable was Ben Affleck as Batman. Even the actual BvS fight was a bit slow and dissapointing.

And the fact they wasted supermans death drove me crazy! They should have not crammed four different movies into one.