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Star Wars: Rogue One - * Non Spoiler Discussion Thread *
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10-Jun-2016, 3:11 PM

luckydube56 said:

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong said:

I too highly doubt the production is in trouble. But I would be disappointed if the reason for the reshoots is to make it less of a “gritty” war movie and add more of the Star Wars “magic” of the episodic films. It would be interesting to experience a film of a different tone in the SW universe, and what better way to explore that than through a tangential plot line that’s not essential to the saga. It would be a shame if they passed on that opportunity.

That’s what gets me.

The spinoffs are an opportunity to explore different directorial styles. It lets different directors do what they do best in terms of tone. They’re a chance to make simply good movies set in the Star Wars galaxy.

Maybe and hopefully the idea is to leave the director’s signature style but not let it stray too far from the galaxy as opposed to stifling creative.

Frankly I like the notion of a film in the SW galaxy with a horror film tone or a western motif or a cop buddy flick or a drama.

Star wars and zombies yeah that would be great!