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John Doom
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What is wrong with... Attack of the Clones? - a general discussion thread
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9-Jun-2016, 5:10 AM
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NeverarGreat said:

There is also the small thing that Palpatine needed the Jedi to discover the clones so that he could start his war. As I understand it, Palpatine ordered Jango to use the toxic dart on Zam with the knowledge that the Jedi would eventually trace it to Kamino.

I could be wrong, but I’m not sure this was actually part of Palpatine’s plan: I think Palpatine would’ve eventually revealed the clone army’s existence to start the war, Obi-wan’s findings being just an opportunity to speed up the process.

He also must have ordered Dooku to erase the planet from the archives, which would draw attention to itself when combined with the existence of the dart.

I think they erased Kamino from the archives mainly to hide the existence of the clone army until the public opinion’s would’ve finally accepted it to fight the the separatists.

It then follows that Palpatine must have ordered Jango to go to Kamino and wait for the Jedi to show up, and then lead the Jedi to Geonosis so that the war could begin.

Palpatine and Dooku might’ve used Jango to bring a jedi to Kamino, but he clearly wasn’t aware of it: in fact, as soon as Obi-wan shows up on Kamino asking for questions, he flees to his employer on Genosis, while making sure to kill Obi-wan.
The only thing that makes no sense to me, is Jango saying “I was recuited by a man called Tyranus on one of the moons of Bogden”. Even though this doesn’t reveal anything important to Obi-wan, why saying this anyway? 😄