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What 'a Star Wars Story' / anthology / spinoff film would you like to see?
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6-Jun-2016, 5:58 AM
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6-Jun-2016, 5:58 AM
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Definitely gonna need to see a source on the Aunt May movie cause that is as ridiculous as Aunt Beru and about as plausible to actually happen, especially since Sony has given Spidey up to Marvel now. Also since there have been literally countless movies centered around male characters, I really don’t care if they start making more centered around female characters. They will never be able to catch up. If you don’t like it, don’t have to watch it. The reaction to the new Ghostbusters has been childish and pathetic. I can’t stand Melissa McCarthy’s humor so I have no interest in seeing it, but I sure as hell am not gonna cry about how my childhood is being ruined because they put vagina wielders in the new Ghostbusters movie.