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10th Anniversary Edition in 1987? Was anything released or done?
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28-Feb-2005, 5:06 PM
Ah, way back in '87... I was in high school and everybody was too cool to be a Star Wars fan anymore, except for me.

Although Star Wars was largely forgotten by then, even the long-running Marvel comic series had been cancelled. Nonetheless there were a few items of note for me to celebrate. The VHS tapes were re-released with a tenth anniversary trilogy commercial added (wouldn't mind seeing that again); the Trilogy was released in widescreen for the first time (!) on laserdisc (drool... they were so expensive I thought I would never own them); Blackthorne publishing picked up the license and launched a 3-D Star Wars comic set during the trilogy time period (not after ROTJ like Marvel and despite a bad 3-D gimmick it was a pretty decent book with great art, managed three issues before it went under) and Marco props produced the most authentic and realistic Star Wars props including lightsabers that actually lit up with lights and sounds (wish I could've afforded their $125 price tag back then) that have only been equalled by Master Replicas in recent years... that's all I can remember for now but I'm sure there might have been a few more, ah, good times...