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If you had to keep one SE change…?
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1-Jun-2016, 6:56 PM

Jeffgale26 said:

One CGI shot of the millenium Falcon leaving Mos Eisly at takeoff.
Recomposited effects shots w/o black lines.
Afew of the cloud city open spaces.
And alien languages on the power core of the death Star.
Bobba Fett’s ship following the millenium Falcon to cloud city.
And maybe Lucas’ Wampa costume scene’s.
But other than that, I’d. Prefer to hear Bobba Fett’s original voice again.
And The emperor’s hologram from Empire.
Anakin’s eye color being changed to hazel in ROTJ, for the sake of continuity.
And a new special edition change.
Vader throwing Rick Macullum in the reactor core.
And nothing else.

“One” change is a difficult concept, I see.