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Mark's Down On Your Syntax
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If you need to B*tch about something... this is the place
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28-May-2016, 7:35 AM

I worry! Good golly I worry! Jeez guys, please look after yourselves.

I can’t even begin to understand your motivations and what it does for you because I don’t drink. I never got a taste for it and none of my family really drink. I’m not anti-booze or morally superior or anything, I just think it’s gross.

I know I’m new to posting here but you lot aren’t new to me! I’ve been reading you for many years and I want you to all be happy because you, with the obvious notable exceptions, seem like good people. I just worry when I hear you talking about doing harmful things when you’ve got the option not to (if that makes sense.)

How about a nice cup of tea instead?!

p.s. Seriously, take care guys.