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The Empire Strikes Back: Sessions Questions (Two Music Cues In Particular)
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21-May-2016, 11:24 PM
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22-May-2016, 12:34 AM
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The Score when Yoda meets Luke the first time matches the footage basically up until Yoda bites the food stick.

The rest of the music clashes with the footage and was scored to an alternative edit of the film. The only small bit part is cutting in with the Harp Gliss before the cue in the film when Yoda laughs. Probably an editing mistake also.

The same goes for when Yoda trains Luke the score only matches the footage from the point of “No, no, no there is no why” Because the music scored before this point would have also been for probably the scene where Luke Slashes the Metal Bar.

Don’t really know about the Finale. But in terms of when the re-score that was done later there must be music we have never heard that was “thrown out” when the music score was done originally because of the film being changed quite a bit very late in the game. Particularly the final third of the film and the Cloud city scenes where there are many music edits.

But in terms of the Finale there is a music edit that was made to accommodate the change from the 70mm version to the 35mm version. from “Yoda and the force” Inserted.