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The Empire Strikes Back: Sessions Questions (Two Music Cues In Particular)
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17-May-2016, 9:26 PM
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22-Dec-2019, 10:03 PM
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I’ve been going through ABC’s Complete Archival Collection, changing the names to reflect Williams’ own archive, playing with the order and so on, in order to attempt a complete archive of this masterpiece of a score (much like what I imagine Intrada would do if they were at all able). I do have a couple of questions, however, about some cues which are mentioned in this article: and are rather difficult to find other information about.

First, the Yoda’s Entrance end fix. This seems like a bit of a bear, if you ask me, based on this article, who states the official versions are some sort of amalgam of the original recording and the revised insert. From what I can tell, GoodMusician’s set had this alternate insert in the bonus tracks section. Can anyone confirm this? And, if not, would there be any way to have the two versions presented separately on a collection?

Second, a question about the cue ‘Finale’. According to this article, a discrete version was also considered (which only makes me wonder even more what Williams’ original ‘Finale’ concert suite was supposed to be) and jotted down within the actual score. Which doesn’t surprise me too much; what does surprise me is that he claims it was actually recorded. Not only that, it has appeared on an official product, no less; The Crimson Empire Audiobooks. According to his descriptions, it would have simply held the final note and not transitioned into the ‘End Credits’ score, and simply had a few harp bars play out the ending. If this is on those audiobooks (and in a salvageable form), this would be an amazing thing to include in this compendium. I think it is possible; from the clips of this audiobook that I’ve heard online, it uses a LOT of the ESB score.

Additionally, is it just shoddy mixing or a legitimate alternate recording that presents ‘Darth Vader’s Theme’ the way it is. In every re-recording, and the film itself, there are several pronounced cymbal clashes that are completely absent from the RSO CD and every other source. I SWEAR I hear remnants of them on the original LP, but maybe I’m just going crazy.

If these are all crazy ramblings or old news, my sincere apologies.