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Am I a Bully?
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14-May-2016, 12:51 PM

If Frink’s a bully, he’s a very particular kind. A kind that’s pretty rare actually.

I mean he’s maybe like a bit of a crusading bully. The kind who sees something that looks wrong and so takes it upon himself to fix it by driving the person away who’s committed the wrong. Sort of like a sheepdog chasing away the wolves. Now I don’t know if he really wants to be mean about it. Or if maybe he’s just not that sensitive. Or if maybe he figures there’s no soft way to do it. Or if he really doesn’t think some kinds of people feel pain. Or if maybe he just has a narrow sense of humor that really thinks it’s ok to stamp on a guy’s hand and they’ll both laugh together–and let’s face it, some do laugh. I know probably wouldn’t get too sore about it.

So sort of. Yeah. I guess I would have to call him a bully. But he’s the kind of bully I wouldn’t have a problem talking with. He’s not the kind I’d worry would really do me any harm or get sadistic happiness out of doing that. He’s just the type who’s maybe idealistic enough to not realize that there are real people behind the avatars he sometimes mocks. Or maybe I’m the idealistic one thinking everyone has feelings when maybe they don’t. I don’t know.

But sometimes I think maybe it’s like having a tame troll who’s sort of on our side most of the time?

One that does seem to get a kick out of making some people feel stupid and/or not liked, but only if they do something to ‘deserve it’ first? Now this is tough for me to say because he’s never picked on me personally. So I sort of feel like I’m kicking him when he hasn’t done the same to me. So that’s not really fair. But at the same time I also strangely think Frink’s fair at taking criticism. So that’s why I sort of think he’ll understand what I’m saying. Like I say, if he’s a bully, he’s a very particular kind.