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Spaced Ranger
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The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration
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25-Apr-2016, 5:08 PM

Well, most of this was my proof-of-concept on consumer media. We never heard anything more about that film auction. (For anyone doing that project, feel free to bounce over here and run with it!) Of course, that would by-pass the need for any reconstructive surgery.

I was going touch-up a live-model picture as Sunny Miami. You have no idea how much searching I did to find the purrrfect one! But thoroughness is a virtue. All to prove that “ridiculous cartoon boobs” (as someone once put it) are neither ridiculous nor cartoon.

Fortunately for the world’s eye-strain epidemic, I had to curtail further, uh, development, until I had the time to give it them her justice.