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Fullscreen Laserdisc / DVD Preservation
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22-Apr-2016, 12:12 AM
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Well, since I cannot recover the last account I made because I can’t retrieve the last email I gave with it, I opened up a new one so I hope no one has a problem with that. If any admin does, let me know.

Anyways, I have a few to add. The full-screen versions of E.T have the credits and actor only shots that are unmatted 4:3 (some may be zoomed in further than others but it depends on the shot). The FF DVD of Road to Perdition, while being S35, is only cropped a little bit on the sides in most shots but shows more vertically in 4:3 (and I think in one office shot, you can see lights at the end of the wall prop).

For the later X-Men FF DVDs, I think X2 used a 1.78 open matte master and side cropped it to 4:3, but then also cropped the VFX shots which I believe were hard matted to OAR. X-Men: The Last Stand I believe was pan and scanned from a matted scope master like one of the Harry Potter films were. The Fast and Furious full screen DVDs I also hear, are 1.78 OM masters side cropped to 4:3. But 2F2F strangely had hard matted live action shots that were P&S, while the SFX were opened back up to the VistaVision ratio but cropped to 4:3.