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Dear Lucasfilm: A Billboard
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21-Apr-2016, 7:14 PM
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eiyosus said:

Um…I just spent the last fifteen minutes following links and digging around some of this stuff. The way some people talk about Star Wars…it’s just Star Wars, you guys. Go read some better books (try some Gene Wolfe out). Almost makes me not want to be a fan. I guess it’s a good eye-opener, as even this site has its more zealous contributors.

Yep, you’re absolutely right.

Some months ago, I decided to call it quits in regards to SW novels; once I finish the Han Solo Trilogy and a few of the post-Hand of Thrawn Zahn books, that’ll be all she wrote; I won’t pick up another SW novel ever again. I have a crap-ton of books sitting on my shelves which I haven’t even taken a peek at yet, and it’s about time I stopped pushing them aside for The Ever-Diminishing Returns of the Expanded Universe.

(I will continue to read the comics from time-to-time, though; those are quick and easy to get through.)