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team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)
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13-Apr-2016, 12:20 AM

wumbo said:

jabbo5150 said:

Couldn’t really find anything definitive anywhere on this, so I will ask here:

I am a mac user. I have a Mac pro 1,1 running OS 10.7.5

I just installed an internal Blu-ray burner into said Mac Pro.

What is the best way to burn this and other MKV files to blu-ray disc properly and, preferably, without any reencoding?

I see Leawo has what is supposedly decent software. is that the way to go or is there something better?

I was also referred to TS Muxer, but I can’t seem to get that to open on my Mac without crashing.

I have no intention of buying a PC, nor do I want to put these on USB drives or stream.

Any suggestions?

Feel free to PM Me to avoid cluttering the thread 😉

Seconding this - I have used tsMuxer in the past but I have run into a lot of problems with it. I have a copy of Toast but it does not seem to play nice with .mkv files. Does anyone have a better solution?

What specific problem did you have with tsmuxer? I’ve made BD’s with many fan release mkv’s with very few problems.