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"The Ewoks Project - Animated TV Series" DVD set (now on myspleen) (Released)
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12-Apr-2016, 11:31 PM

Hello all. I’m new and I just noticed something about the VHS retail versions that differ from the originals that I obtained poor quality Beta copies that date from 1985 September (w/missing episodes and other distortions).

For example, the commercial break in “To Save Deej” had a scene with Logray sending the youngins off to get the ingredients to the potion for Deej. Well there was the Yamaha ‘FM synth’ metallic kettle drum sound that was played in an almost “spinning” riff that started moderately fast, then kept getting slower and slower and slower till it just played one last strike, then it either went to commercial break or straight to the next scene. So in the retail VHS version, they had to save on tape space, and so they just faded out the audio track. I miss that original touch!!! I was total gold.

Logray watches the hourglass, scene starts after Weechee falls from the waterfall and lands on a stray branch:
(15:20 - 15:30) *they couldn’t just spare ONE MORE FRIGGUN SECOND!

So I’m asking, is this restored version of the Ewoks taken from the source of broadcast or retail? If anyone wants me to dub a copy of the few distorted, warped, fuzzy episodes that I have (with aged video dropout) just send me a message. I don’t charge money. But give me some time to convert everything. I’m oldschool analog with real time (actual equipment). I don’t have many episodes, but I have some from both seasons, including Droids.

However, I am dying to have whatever copy I can get my hands on with this restored version. Which, I trust is still available to the beloved fans? After all, what good is history if you can’t share it!
(the best day of my life will be the day that I can travel back in time to the 80s and bring an HD recorder hooked up to CABLE TV and then bring it back to the future!)

I can’t stand my 2004 DVD retail release GENERIC MUSIC tracks! It literally has no identity to it at all. What were they thinking? Like a beginning scene from “The Cries From The Trees” where Latara plays her flute, but the only sound coming from it was background that was playing before she even picked up her flute! Who’s bad idea was that???

I barely understand “t o r r e n t s” and related jargon that I’m currently researching the how-to’s.