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Star Wars Holiday Special - Zion Hybrid v2 (Released)
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21-Mar-2016, 4:24 PM

Thank you for the feedback, everyone. This is exactly what I was looking for with this initial release.

dahmage said:
Sounds like you have your priorities in order! I haven’t checked this out yet, but I am glad that someone is putting the rifftrax on the newer release. Good work

As someone with OCD tendencies, it’s sometimes easier for me to stay on a more familiar path in order to avoid spending hours or days researching and experimenting on a particular aspect without making much progress on the project as a whole. It’ll be right on the final release.

Video Collector said:


While I applaud your efforts on the whole, in a side-by-side comparison with the EditDroid version the G-force cartoon loses quite a lot of the linework due to the heavy DNR. Even with the EditDroid’s serious aliasing (source related), I feel it is the better option.

Looking forward to seeing your future efforts with this project.


I appreciate the specifics on the key differences. I’m leaning toward switching back to the EditDroid version as well.

Dreamaster said:

Don’t be afraid to desaturate the reds and magenta’s even more. To me it looks like the tint needs to be shifted into the green side a few notches as well. Might as well go for broke since you’re going through the trouble and make it look as natural as possible!

Thanks for noticing. I’m thinking about shifting the green/magenta a little bit more in addition to some secondary correction to desaturate the magenta. I’ve noticed several instances where the magenta is still quite overpowering compared to everything else.