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Help: looking for... Episode II and III extended soundtracks request for leitmotiv project
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15-Mar-2016, 1:50 PM
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5-Jul-2020, 8:51 AM
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(English is not my mother tongue, sorry for the mistakes)

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a weird personal project: extracting the totality of leitmotivs heard in the two trilogies’ music, in order to count, analyse and classify these leitmotivs. Ultimately, when it’s done, I’ll make several videos about John Williams’ use of leitmotivs and put them on Youtube. I’m totally aware that very few people will be interested by this, but one must follow his feelings!

The usefulness of this project is of course debatable, however the best classification of leitmotivs in Star Wars that has been done so far ( is good but incomplete. Several leitmotivs are lacking, there is no classification of them according to their importance (the number of times you hear them), and there are some refinements, subtleties and easter eggs in Williams’ use of leitmotivs that are so far unexplored.

Anyway, my life is not a relevant topic. I’m posting this because, now that I’ve done the original trilogy and episode I, I’m stuck by the lack of a commercial extended soundtrack for episodes II and III, i.e. the actual movie score, not a shortened concert version.

Some of you have compiled such extended sountracks for episodes II and III, digging the music out of video-games and blu-ray tracks. I’ve sent private messages, but without success.

It’s also more or less available on Youtube, but with an inadequate sound quality, and some tracks are missing or not downloadable. Also, very sadly, I’m not very competent with the torrent & co world.

I would be immensely pleased and motivated if this lovely community could help me retrieve those extended soundtracks and finish my work.