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Nosferatu (1922) Fan Restoration Proposal.
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12-Mar-2016, 4:46 PM

Haven’t posted anything in a while so I think I owe everyone here an update.

Progress is slow but it is still progress. I’m still struggling with one important aspect. The tinting.

As noted in my original post, the 2005/2006 restoration has many scenes that exist in longer versions. Most of these scenes appear in full on the BFI Blu-ray (which I am using as my source for the missing scenes). However, the BFI Blu-ray sources from a restoration of the film made in 1995. This means two things. One, the materiel is of far lower quality then the 2005/2006 restoration and Two, the tinting is different between the two versions*. The quality of the footage is an issue I can’t solve as the BFI Blu-ray is (as far as I can tell) the highest quality version of this footage available to the public. The tinting however, I can potentially fix.

By “fix” I mean correcting the 1995 tinting to match as close as possible the 2005/2006 restoration.The software I am currently using to try and fix the tinting is call ‘Color Directer 4’. The software, while powerful, does not seem to give me the desired effects*.

And so, I am at something of a crossroads. I am contemplating leaving the tinting as is and simply inserting the missing footage back into the film, but this is not final.

However, if anyone reading this wants a say in this matter or can provide me with any assistance or information as to, for example, better software for the job, then you can reply to this comment or email me at I will be incredibly grateful if anyone gets in touch.