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Cameron Samurai
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Knight Rider 2000-One Cut Can Make A Difference (Released)
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12-Mar-2016, 6:38 AM
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13-Aug-2020, 8:38 PM
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This was one of the very first movies I ever tackled ten or so years ago, and now that I’ve evolved as an editor, I think the time is right to go back to it.

“So many things to fix” you might be thinking…well I decided to pretty much keep most of it intact, mainly out of a fondness for all the little kiche moments. Think of KR 2000 as a 90s answer to the BBC comedy mock retrospective “Time Trumpet” which foresees a future with all sorts of innovations and events that did not come true…although they weren’t too far off from there being ten Star Trek movies, at least in the original continuity anyway. I actually cut James Doohan’s cameo in the original version, but felt compelled to keep it in this version.

The big difference of course, is that Devon Miles no longer dies, he doesn’t get to do much because of this, but I reckon peacefully handing the baton over to his arrogant partner and the Knight 4000 is a kinder move, as it shows him and Michael as the old lions entrusting the pride to the young.

Opening the story is the scene where Tommy Watts attacks the conference and takes the mayor hostage, leading Shawn to pick up the handgun, then we cut to the titles.

I decided to use the pilot episode title sequence of the series for two reasons, one was to avoid crediting Bonnie and RCIII from season four, since only David Hasselhoff and Edward Mulhare show up here, and the other was to follow in the tradition of KR series premiers, which don’t tip you off to the fact KITT is going to undergo a transformation. Think of this as the season five premier of Knight Rider and you wonder just what form the old trans-am will take next, and what powers it will have. To add some vintage spice to proceedings, I’ve also included some music cues from the original series. Not too many, but a keen ear will spot them.

Also included is a slightly altered ending which I’m sure will give you avid KR fans a grin.

Still in the process of uploading the files to MEGA, but will notify when they’re ready. They can be accessed via PM.