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Burning the Despecialized to Blu-Ray - AVCHD / MKV
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26-Feb-2016, 9:55 PM

towne32 said:

Possessed said:

I thought ps3s could play mkvs easily too? Unless I figured it out while I was drunk and thus forgot all the steps I had to take to make it work.

Nah, not unless you have a hacked ps3. People remux to mp4 or m2ts for ps3, but an unhacked system only supports fat32, so you need to split anything over 4Gb, etc.

I started browsing this site back in December. I’ve seen a couple of the Playstation threads but they don’t seem to be updated, so I figured I would join and try to contribute.

It is possible to stream the MKV from your computer to the PS3 if you have Playstation Media Server installed on your computer. I haven’t tried the subtitles, but you can transcode the file and play all the different audio streams if you need a different language other than english. My Playstation is close to my modem so I have it hard wired in along with the laptop. I’m not certain if you will get good results if you streamed wirelessly, but it’s definitely worth a try before you start splitting the file into 4gb chunks as suggested in the other thread