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22-Feb-2016, 11:39 PM

Asaki said:

I have absolutely no doubts. I’ve seen my share of “how did Lucas mess this up?”, but every time I watch one of your clips, I am amazed at just how botched the BluRays really are.

To be fair to Lucasfilm, what they gave us was decent enough for 2004 standards, and was only intended to be for DVD. The fact they couldn’t be bothered to do a proper restoration for HD is where the issue lies.

Williarob said:

Yeah, I was the person who reached out and got stuck in the middle. I had just joined the team and had no idea any of this was happening. Mike had just done a late night video Q & A and had mentioned that he didn’t know what print -1 had but would like to know if it was something he could use. I reached out to him and gave him some sample frames. Mike immediately recognized the print (which astonished me at the time) as being the Spanish print he had already scanned. I asked for help with the Greedo scene and Mike very kindly provided us with the full scene in 4k - which I used in the final version. Mike also requested we send him Reel 1 of the Spanish Print again so that he could get it rescanned, and I passed on the request to -1 who told me “no way”, and went on to bash Mike in another thread here on OT. -1 Also refused to even acknowledge Mike’s contribution to the project - not even a “thank you” for the Greedo scene.

Yeah. The fact that their SilverScreen release doesn’t even thank people who contributed something speaks volumes. They put in a TN1 intro - that’s fine - but without any “thanks to all who contributed” or “thanks to - Mike, Harmy, Poita, etc, and everyone else who contributed but wishes to remain unnamed”.

Also, I’m going to shoot you a PM - it’s about something you are probably already aware of, but won’t hurt to double-check. 😃