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Star Wars 1977 releases on 35mm
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22-Feb-2016, 4:27 AM

poita said:

Thanks for the kind words everyone, I am rebuilding my workstation, and will continue my work, I just won’t be on the forums any more, and will be focusing on one thing at a time.
None of the scans or WIP will go to waste, and much of it will be helping other projects that are already in progress with others, both here and outside the forums, it will all be put to good use I assure you 😃

Indeed. Let’s hope that the scans will still be avalaible and also your precious knoledge & help (if you still can provide it).

I have a couple of technical posts to finish off in the tech forums, and then it will be radio silence. Once any of the projects are complete, you will hear about them I am sure.

Does this includes the one made on how to buils a film scanner ( ? I do hope so.