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Info: HD audio from PC
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17-Feb-2016, 3:34 AM

_Shorty said:

raschi said:

I would recommend a videocard capable of outputting proper 1080p24 through HDMI.
Because you want a judder free output right?
I don’t think nVidia has good enough clocks in their cards to do this reliably yet.
Go for a good HTPC videocard from AMD.

I don’t recall ever seeing any judder problems with the output of my NVidia cards. I have read that there may be issues with AMD cards in full RGB mode, though. And you need full RGB mode if you want to avoid colourspace round-trips.

If your nVidia cards can output perfect 23.976Hz, or a multiple of this, then disregard my comment.
All other refresh rates will produce judder and/or dropped/repeated frames for film content.
I have had no personal issues with full RGB mode though.