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Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Released)
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14-Feb-2016, 9:30 PM
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14-Feb-2016, 9:31 PM
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the last sentence needed to properly identify each soundtrack to its movie verson.

Macross LD audio and even more Macross audio files are available.
PM me with your email for web-links.

Do you remember a whole lot of Macross audio?

  1. DYRL AC3 LD
    (DYRL part 01 to 04 RAR Sync’d to Remastered;
    DRYL side part 01 and part 01 non-Sync’d)
    Dolby Surround Stereo
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  2. DYRL Perfect Edition AC3 LD
    (DYRL 01 of 06 to 06 of 06)
    Dolby Surround Stereo
    .wav and .flac (5 parts each)

  3. DYRL Analog LD
    (DYRL Analog STEREO Side 01 and Side 02)
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  4. DYRL Analog English LD
    (DYRL Analog MONO Side 01 and Side 02)
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  5. Flashback 2012 AC3 LD
    (FB2012 Side 01)
    .wav and .flac (1 part each)

  6. SDF Macross DYRL Movie LP
    (01.m4a to 04.m4a)

  7. DYRL 5.1 split into MONO wav files
    (28 parts, WinRAR)

  8. Two Spanish DYRL dubs

  9. One Swedish DYRL dub

None of these audio files have been sync’d with the new DYRL BD video. The new BD DYRL does have the Director’s cut 5.1 audio from the last BD with its edits, the Special Edition Dolby stereo PCM audio and the theatrical MONO PCM audio.