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10-Feb-2016, 9:15 PM

n00b said:

digitalfreaknyc said:

At the risk of getting bashed for this, I’ve talked to several people who, like myself, have calibrated monitors and we all agreed that the contrast/brightness on both Empire and Jedi is way low, for some reason. SW looks perfect but both Empire and Jedi just seem to be quite dark. Did something change there?

That’s simply not true. Especially the official DVDs from 2004 are darker than anything else.

Eh, I gotta disagree. i was going to post this as a question, but I’ll put it like this. I watched the WP of ROTJ next to V 2.5 and noticed contrast was lowered. You can no longer see the matte-boxes (which is kind of disappointing) and space is all nice and black, where before it had that “contrast is high” haze to it. even with looking at the side by side gallery you can clearly see matte-boxes in space battles in GOUT, but not in V 2.5…

Was this intentional? Or was is just part of the process to pretty up the release?

Also a report. i suppose putting a time stamp is not necessary as it is a whole scene.

The scene where R2 and 3PO are in the “robot torture chamber”, the scene has a blue tint to it, the entire scene.