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Ranking the Batman films
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9-Feb-2016, 11:08 AM

TV’s Frink said:

Lol you really are a piece of work. Maybe a couple of newer people are fooled but I’m not. If you want a compliment, you really are an excellent troll in sheep’s clothing. You and I both know the truth but you’re playing the victim for fun, and some people here are buying it. Well done!

Wow, maybe we should have police death squads with flame throwers who execute anyone who dares to make a joke that you don’t find funny. That seems to be your dream world.

Tell you what, you post your email address and we will all start running every post on the forum past you and wait for you to give it the okay before posting anything on this forum, until them since you have not told us what these rules you expect everyone to live by are, then we have no way of knowing them or living by them.