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Nearsighted Scrappile
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Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD - V2.5 - AVCHD DVD9 & NTSC DVD5 (Released)
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4-Feb-2016, 11:13 PM

paladinryan said:

Nearsighted Scrappile said:

It’s a shame that even one prequel is going to be shown to those poor students, and I agree about the Rifftrax. I guess they are Satanic. Afterall, the stupid title crawl does state that “Evil is everywhere.” Although, in actuality, it was really only in one place, but whatever, it’s GL we’re talking about.

The prequels were abysmal, but their story was ambitious. I’ll be cleansing the palate with Return of the Jedi later, so don’t worry. Besides, Revenge of the Sith is incredibly Miltonic, so I have to teach it in a class on Milton and Star Wars.

EDIT: The special editions disappoint me more than the prequels ever could, because they worsened those films, especially ANH and ROTJ.

I just don’t believe “higher learning” and “prequel” should be in the same train of thought, but to each their own.