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What Didn't You Like About ROTS?
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3-Feb-2016, 7:25 PM
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Let’s not forget the Jedi Purge lasting all of a couple hours.

I personally never expected – or wanted – all the Jedi to be wiped out with the close of the PT. I fully expected Ep. III to end with the extermination of the Jedi Council members and the razing of the Jedi Temple – and perhaps with the young Jedi children (I refuse to use the Y-word) taken into custody to be reprogrammed into dark Jedi – but nothing more than that; I figured most of the other Jedi would perish off-screen in the years between the two trilogies in various skirmishes with Vader and other Imperial agents.

But noooo, Lucas had to have the Jedi go out in the lamest way conceivable – shot in the back by CG Temueras.