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REVIEW: The Clone Wars TV series from 2008: surprisingly well done
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2-Feb-2016, 3:17 AM

FigmentJedi said:

Just a case of the show occasionally going into anachronic order. The third season of the show was promoted under the title “Secrets Revealed” and half of it was dedicated to expanding on stories from the previous two seasons.

Thanks. I tend to appreciate achronal storytelling, so that works for me. Although I do wish it was clearer in the presentation somehow.

RayRogers said:

Remember both THE CLONE WARS (CGI) and REBELS are 110% CANON! Clone Wars isn’t!

Please read the thread at least a little before posting. Every bit of what you posted, except for your recommendation and details about what you personally have seen (and in what format), has already been posted. This thread only had eleven posts!

pittrek said:

Wait so the old Clone Wars cartoon isn’t suddenly canon? Why? Source ?

I wonder why as well, probably licensing? Or maybe there is some specific element that contradicts what the Story Group wants to do. Curious about all of these things, because it really does fit perfectly into the 2008 series. The source of Greivous’ cough was introduced there!

Although there is that ridiculous scene where someone rides a speeder bike up the side of a skyscraper all the way to the top. Could have done without that. The animation style was also iffy, it was like Star Wars characters thrust into the Ren+Stimpy universe >_<

As for sources, here is the Wikipedia page:

and here is slightly more background:

Something interesting here is that since both the cel and CG (2003 and 2008) Clone Wars Series have more or less the same name, there may be some confusion, because after rereading several articles, there isn’t specification about which Clone Wars animated series is being referred to when “the Clone Wars animated series” is mentioned. Only the table presented on the Wikipedia page states clearly that the 2003 series isn’t in the canon list, but that table doesn’t have any citations for reference. So it may be that the 2003 series is canon. If anyone has links that can clarify this, please post them.