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Dragon Ball Z, and the Dragon Ball series in general
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1-Feb-2016, 11:39 PM

I don’t mind things being silly. I thought pretty much all of the Afterworld Tournament filler arc was awesome.

To me, the Buu saga was very uneven. I didn’t like the idea of Goten and Trunks being Super Saiyans. I probably would have only accepted them being SSJ1 only as Gotenks, and not allow them to reach SSJ2, let alone SSJ3. That said, Gotenks vs Super Buu is a hilariously awesome fight.
One scene I remember is when we see Buu lift people off the ground and turn them into candy, in a very stylized, cartoonish way, as if it was all harmless fun, and then we see the destruction, the devastation, the hopelessness. If the Buu saga wasn’t so silly, it probably would have been the darkest DBZ ever gotten, and in a way it still is.

The Great Saiyaman saga got old really fast.

As for the movies that I have seen (not counting Father of Goku or History of Trunks, both really good btw)…
Dead Zone and Tree of Might were both very good, but had rushed endings. World’s Strongest seems forgettable. Lord Slug managed to rip off both the King Piccolo saga and Tree of Might and manage to be worse than both of them. I didn’t like how Namekians can’t stand Human whistling, though it does give the Speedy dub one of its most memorable lines.

I thought Cooler’s second movie was better than the first. Super Android 13 is the worst of all of the dbz movies that I saw so far. Thankfully, Abridged redeems it. I loved the first half of the first Broly movie, but once it got to the fighting, it got boring quickly. Bojack Unchained was really good most of the time, but I didn’t like how the climax ripped off the climax of the Cell saga. Broly Second Coming is trash. Bio-Broly, while not the best DBZ film, is not the worst either. In fact, I thought it had the best fights out of the three Broly Films. Fusion Reborn felt just like the saga it was trying to imitate. It had unique and funny fights, and it had the same pacing issues that the Buu saga had. IIRC it had a better climax though.