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Flaws, plotholes, and "could-have-been-done-betters" in the OT (alternate plot points especially welcome)
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29-Jan-2016, 10:43 PM

Rewrite Ham and Leia’s romantic arc in Empire. Like, not a single line of their mutual dialogue in the first half of the movie should be the same. As it currently stands, Han is a passive-aggressive creep who doesn’t hesitate to antagonize or humiliate her in front of the troops she commands. He makes lewd comments to her on the Falcon and basically corners her in the service compartment for their famous kiss. His behaviour isn’t something someone should just come around to. It’s just gross.

It’s weird but Ford played three characters like this three years in a row–coercive, aggressive Han in Empire, statutory rapist Indiana Jones in Raiders and straight-up rapist Deckard in Blade Runner. I’m not saying it’s indicative of Ford as a person, just of the writing of the time.