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Intro sequence to neon noir fan edit of the prequel trilogy
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27-Jan-2016, 9:13 AM
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27-Jan-2016, 9:14 AM
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Well, the silent version was another I avoided because it sounded ridiculous, but after this I should reconsider.

I don’t think that Williams’ work lacks emotion—! Just to be clear. It bursts with it, but in a fairly specific range.

There’s something that happens in Michael Mann’s films where a four second shot on an actor’s face, or even just their eyes seems to reveal an indescribable storm of pent up, jagged emotions, which really works with a character like Anakin. I’m not sure Williams has that kind of screwed up energy and pain in his palette (which was why

Are there enough themes like that in Williams’ Star Wars discography?

was meant as a non-rhetorical question).