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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Faster, More Intense!
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26-Jan-2016, 4:05 AM

Seems to be interesting (especially your own contributions). Hal9000’s version is around 98% close to be my view of the perfect edit, though you’ve got some ideas that I want to check if someday I find enough time and skill to assemble my “own” cut.

Just something I strongly disagree :

Removed Anakin giving Padmé a necklace. (Hal9000, may revisit depending on what I end up doing with Episode III)

I don’t think the ending of Episode III is so relevant to this scene. The Padmé funeral uses the necklace as a reminder of this sequence, but even if you manage to let her live the scene has its own meaning in Episode I, as well as in the entire Prelogy: making a necklace gift, that is what young boys do when they want to express their love (yeah it’s childish, however not “ridiculous childish”). It’s another step that leads in to the romance of Episode II.