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The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **
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26-Jan-2016, 3:38 AM
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26-Jan-2016, 3:49 AM
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NeverarGreat said:

I believe that this is pertinent to the discussion:

That article gives about my same critique, but with more substantiation. Thanks for the link. Now if only the author would point out more than merely Maz and Rey’s scene as a concrete example—!

DominicCobb said:

If anything that article goes to show how good the editing doctoring is.


But there is a lot of interesting observation here too. That article is definitely worth a read for perspective.

You know, I also enjoy reading commentaries like that about the difficulty of fixing things post production simply because of the utter finesse so many faneditors show - it can be fixed, guys.

I think Abrams probably just ran out of time, something faneditors often have [relatively] limitless amount of. As is often the case in creating something, being able to do something is one thing, being able to do it on time is another.

Faneditors often work alone and substitute enormous amounts of time for what would otherwise require an enormous budget. But there are margins between these extremes with gradients, and even an infinite budget, as we can see, might not magically sculpt what can only be achieved through an expense of time.

Not all currencies are accepted everywhere in the universe 😉