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Star Wars Ring Theory
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25-Jan-2016, 7:05 PM

Bingowings said:

Swazzy said:

So basically The Force Unleashed, maybe sans the over-glorified wielding of force powers?

More like Rebels in the sense that you have a core set of characters that are only loosely connected to the OT ones with occasional side views of what the OT crew are up to.

I doubt if the Jedi in that show are going to make it but there is an off chance Yoda is wrong about Luke being the last Jedi so their fate isn’t set in stone and the other characters are even more open to survive so we can invest more into their story not knowing that they are doomed.

Obi-wan and Yoda are never in peril in the PT if you watch the films in the order they were made because we know they are survive.
If we watch the episodes in chronological order the surprise twists in Episodes V and VI are ruined.
If they had made the PT about other people we could watch them in either order and still get the same sweep of history.

Maybe the importance of the “twist” in ESB is a little overreated if you take the saga as a whole. There’s a chance it would be too much to force seven hundred minutes of a movie to preserve just one.

Taking Bespin as the actually defining moment of the SW ethos is could neglect the phenomenom Star Wars already was in 77.

I believe we all would preserve the “secret” of Vader’s identity mostly because it reminds us of our childhood, when it blew us then rather than to keep it due to strictly artistical reasons.