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Team Negative1 - Star Wars 1977 - 35mm Eastman Vs Technicolot Theatrical Version (* unfinished project *)
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25-Jan-2016, 6:55 PM

I think you are making this way too confusing.

  1. Base of the project is from Technicolor
  2. Missing frames and scenes will be from an Eastman Kodak print (Crawl, etc)
  3. The LPP was only used for cleanup on frames that still had damage even after the automated process, we have not decided on using it for complete replacement just yet

The project is too early in its stages, to discuss concrete details about what
exactly will be done.

The examples and previews are from tests that we have done, that are still undergoing
changes. Hence, why we are not committing to a concrete process.

This thread is a placeholder for upcoming information, and people to comment on.

The most up to date information, samples, and discussions can be found here:

We will also be updating the facebook link, and youtube channel when we can.

Team Negative1