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Star Wars Ring Theory
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24-Jan-2016, 7:27 PM

I’ve recently been watching Fargo (the film and the tv series) and I shan’t spoil any of that here beyond saying that it’s exactly how the PT, OT and ST should have played out.
Each story (film, season 1, season 2) is almost totally self contained, doesn’t spoil either of the others, compliments each other in theme and some shared events and characters and are really compelling to watch. While there are visual references to each other they are far more sophisticated than in the Star Wars films.
We didn’t need to see Anakin turn to the dark side (we know all that from the OT), that’s why I’m glad the Han/Leia thing in TFA happened off screen between movies, it’s all implied by where they are when we see them.
The PT should have been centred around totally new characters the story of which intersected Kenobi and Vader tangentially.
That way we are invested in the potential of their survival and character development possibilities.
This churning of story elements harms the sometimes amazing work done in all the films, even the PT.