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Which Fan Edits are considered the Best ?
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23-Jan-2016, 1:36 PM
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The Pioneer Kuro is ruthless in showing flaws OR greatness.

I noticed that Despecialized reports 720p while RESPECIALIZED reports 540p.
So they were remastered differently.

I A/B’ed many scenes and I consistently see the same results. It seems like
sharpness enhancement, noise reduction, and a slight color boost was performed
on RESPECIALIZED compared to Despecialized.

When the Imperial Destroyer tracker beam’s Leah’s ship in the opening scene,
Both ships have more 3D POP, less grain, less video noise, and more saturated
colors on the RESPECIALIZED version.

Also colors are very different in many scenes. The scene where Tarkin says
“Set your course for Alderaan” the entire scene is greenish and blurry on
Despecialized while with RESPECIALIZED the scene is super sharp with no green
tone at all.

I am using a media player so I can do quick A/B’s. At all times I am locking
the signal at 720P and allowing my Kuro to perform the upscale to 1080P.