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Hackers (1995) - DTS 5.1 Restoration (* unfinished project - lots of info *)
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22-Jan-2016, 8:14 AM

SilverWook said:

Neither LD has Dolby Digital it seems. You can see the back of the U.S laserdisc here.


The movie poster only shows DTS, (and DTS stereo) so it might be one of those releases that had no Dolby Digital theatrical mix at all. Non DTS theaters would have played it in DTS Stereo, which was Dolby surround compatible.

I guess LDDB is wrong about the US laserdisc. In any case, you’re right - there was no Dolby Digital theatrical mix, only DTS.

Progress update: I have successfully converted the DTS files to seperate mono WAVs for each channel. Slow and steady…!