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team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (Released)
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17-Jan-2016, 7:14 AM

Density said:
Look, you can mock me all you want if you can’t take some constructive criticism. But I’m not seeing any refutation of the logic that if you’re gonna upload something publicly anyway, you might as well do it in a faster and more convenient way.

Faster and more convenient how exactly?

Two problems with public trackers:

  1. Speed. Everyone can connect and everyone can download. Hit’n’runners ruin everyone’s download speed and never give back, which is a huge issue for 25GB torrents. Seedbox users rarely use public trackers, because honestly, why would they? No one wants to waste bandwidth on people who close their torrent client immediately after the download is done. is faster.

  2. They’re public. Everyone can connect to every torrent and log people’s IP’s. Copyright trolls can too.

Stop whining and fill your captchas. Using a download manager it will all take about 4 minutes of your life.