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Will the anthology films be a repeat of the prequels?
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31-Dec-2015, 7:38 PM

Up until recently, I though the anthology series was a great idea. Now, not so much. In a tumblr blog called Star Wars 1999(project to rewrite the prequels), he lists one of the many failings of the prequels : it’s backstory, NOT story. All the prequels do is retell the fall of Anakin in more detail. Doesn’t matter how well done it is, it’s still more of what we already know. It makes me question whether or not we even need prequels, and if we might be better off if “Episode 5 : The Empire Strikes Back” should have just been called “The Empire Strikes Back”.

Look at the anthology films in progress

  1. Rogue One : How the Rebels captured the plans for the Death Star
  2. Han Solo : How Han Solo became the person we met in the Mos Eisley cantina
  3. Boba Fett : How Boba Fett… became Boba Fett
  4. Probably maybe Obi Wan but I feel that bird flew in Episode 3 and it would just be overly melodramatic and it steps on prequel territory(this movie isn’t happening)

They are ALL backstory. We already know the rebels got the plans for the Death Star. We already know Han Solo is a smuggler. We already Boba Fett is awesome. Do we really need movies just fleshing out details?

Rogue One is the biggest offender. Maybe if it has good characters with stories we haven’t seen yet, it might not be backstory. Hopefully, it won’t be like Star Wars Rebels where every character is “Oh, the Empire did something bad to me. That’s my motivation for being a Rebel”.

Han Solo might have some potential for us to have a new story, but I think it’ll be very similar to his arc in the original trilogy. He goes from selfish smuggler to hero. Make it more like “A Good Story That Just Happens To Have Young Han Solo As The Main Character” and not “Han Solo Begins”.

Boba Fett is likely to have the most potential for an all-new story. Since the prequels sucked all the mystery about him, an anthology about him doesn’t bother me that much. All we know is that he’s a clone, his dad died, and he became a bounty hunter, feared across the galaxy. Clones(at least in real life) have very short lifespans, so maybe ALL the clones are dying, Boba Fett included, and the movie is about him trying to survive. How would Boba Fet t react to the fact that his dead father was cloned, and none of the clones recognize him. It could even include him getting out of the Sarlaac and somehow redeeming himself afterward.

tl:dr The prequels sucked cause they were just backstory and not story, and the anthology movies are all prequels.