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SPOILERS Rewrite The Force Awakens
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28-Dec-2015, 10:06 PM

StarChewyWar said:
Here are the unanswered questions for Episode 8 :

  1. Why is there a map to Luke?
  2. Will Luke train Rey?
  3. How did Kylo Ren become seduced by Supreme Leader Snoke?
  4. Who are the Knights of Ren?
  5. Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?
  6. How will Captain Phasma have a bigger role?
  7. Will Finn and Rey fall in love?
  8. Why was Rey orphaned on Jakku?
  9. Who are Rey’s parents?
  10. How did R2D2 wake up when he did?

Now here’s my Episode 8. Before Ben Solo went evil, Luke found a map to an ancient Sith temple which he investigated and found the secret to immortality and mastery of life. That’s how Ben Solo became evil : Snoke wants to become immortal and master life like Plageus. Snoke tells Ben of the legend of the Knights of Ren who wanted immortality but failed(“ren” means life in an alien language and "kylo means master so “Kylo Ren” means Master of Life). When Ben goes evil, he creates the new Knights of Ren with other immortality lusting bad guys to finish what Darth Vader started. Yes, Darth Vader was trying to master life and achieve immortality during the OT. Is it really that much of a stretch? He did try to stop his wife from dying in ROTS and although the Emperor may be wise to it due to seeing his master Plageus fail, Vader isn’t. It also explains why he still sticked with the Emperor after his wife died, because he still has hope for reviving his wife and reuniting with his family. It’s one hell of a retcon but really humanizes Vader even more!

Back to Luke, he rips the map into little pieces so that nobody will learn the secret to immortality and hid in on the planet of the temple in order to guard it. The Resistance and the First Order mistake the pieces for a map to just Luke and do everything Luke wants not to happen by trying to find him. That’s why Luke has such a puzzled look at the end of the movie because he’s not sure what to think of Rey. Maybe R2D2 was actually manipulated by Snoke to wake up and lead the First Order to Luke Skywalker.

Let’s get into the present. Kylo Ren is being tortured, taunted, and “trained” by Snoke. The Dark Side feeds on anger and fear, so this how Sith are trained. Here we learn about the ultimate goal of the Knights of Ren and Snoke : immortality, and we also meet the Knights of Ren themselves. Cut back to Luke and Rey. “Why are you here?” Luke demands. “Because you called me.” Rey replies. “I didn’t-” Luke is interrupted by Kylo Ren’s ship landing. “Oh, no”.


Cause this is seriously getting long

My edited Part 1 of Episode 8 is quoted above.

Since the Hosnian system(goverment of the Republic) was destroyed by the Starkiller Base, there has been a power vacuum in the galaxy. Various factions have emerged that are struggling for power in the galaxy including the First Order. Poe Dameron is sent to stop all out war in the Galaxy.

And that’s all I really have.