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The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **
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23-Dec-2015, 5:56 PM

TavorX said:

SS4DarthPayne said:
FINN: I thought Boyega did a great job acting the character, nothing to fault there. However, I wasn’t super sold on the character himself, if that makes sense. Some of the things he said and how he acted made him seem more like someone from our world, not someone in the Star Wars universe. The ‘cute boyfriend’ line really stood out to me, for example.

I actually brought this up too, either in this thread, or one of the other threads, but yes, “cute boyfriend” took me out of the film for a few seconds there. Another poster pointed out to me that “girlfriend” has been mentioned in another SW film, Attack of the Clones. I had forgotten about it, but at least the actor who played Owen said it in a subdued tone rather than the fanboyish delivery by Boyega. Also, soon after, he said, “Droid, please” which to my ears sounds like internet speak, i.e. “Droid pls”

It really comes across as too Earthy.

Earthy! That’s a great way to put it. Agreed on all accounts - I felt the same about the ‘Droid please’ line