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Rate 'The Last Jedi' (NO SPOILERS) (was: Rate TFA (NO SPOILERS))
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22-Dec-2015, 4:06 PM

Not a fan of ranking films, but here goes…
Star Wars: 4,5/5 - Groundbreaking classic. A celebration of film and the ultimate feel good (fantasy) film. Only a weak middle act (Death Star) keep it from a perfect score. (best film score ever produced)
The Empire Strikes Back: 5/5 - Perhaps the boldest sequel ever made. A dark fairytale so beautifully conceived it hurts. A masterpiece in the genre on every level.
Return of the Jedi: 2/5 - Huge disappointment. Stupid and poor conclusion that only gets worse the more the years go by. Great puppetry (Jabba) and costume design (royal guards) but the magic was gone.

The Phantom Menace: 1/5 - Sterile test-tube baby
Attack of the Clones: Never seen it, and probably never will
Revenge of the Sith: Never seen it, and probably never will

The Force Awakens: Not yet seen. And have not yet decided if I’m going to. Please, convince a grumpy old fart if he should?